Do you remember the first time you visited the dentist? Most of us do, mainly because we didn’t know what to expect, and it probably hurt. Holding your mouth open for a half hour or more is not a natural thing for humans to do. And sometimes dentists will insert a rubber device to help prop your mouth open. You probably had X-rays taken. Your teeth were scraped (which makes an unpleasant noise). And everyone wears medical gloves and masks. Not exactly as fun as Halloween.

VIP Dental Assistant School’s mission is to train compassionate, caring, and competent dental assistants to help erase the stigma of visiting the dental office. Located in the greater St. Louis area, we place an emphasis on hands-on training with lessons at an actual dentist office with all the dental equipment. Intense, we’ll cover a full college textbook in only 11 weeks on Sundays. We make it convenient for you to train to become a dental assistant. Visit us today.


  • Emphasis on client care. VIP Dental Assistant School believes in improving oral health care in people’s lives. We do this by breaking down the fear many people hold of the dentist office. Never underestimate the barriers a warm smile will break down. We equip all of our dental assistant students with the skills they will need to be effective communicators.
  • Practical training. This is the number one reason new dental assistants have trouble finding a job: lack of experience. Our mission at VIP Dental Assistant School is to give you real-world experience by having you practice in a dental office, using the latest in dental technology and dental equipment. This will give you the experience needed to land a job when you graduate from our school. Furthermore, in the state of Missouri, all dental assistants may legally operate dental x-ray equipment and perform dental radiographic procedures without any required certification. We offer training in x-ray equipment as well.
  • Flexible, fast-paced course. VIP Dental Assistant School knows how hard it is to gain additional training when life is so busy, especially if you have another job and/or are a busy parent. Our course is only 11 weeks long and takes place one day a week — on Sundays. This allows you to continue your other job while working towards your new dental assistant career.

VIP Dental Assistant School in St. Louis is committed to offering the best dental assistant training program for our students. We want to ensure you exit our program with the tools and education you’ll need to begin a fruitful career in the dental industry. All of our classes are taught by dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants, offering a breadth of knowledge that is not found elsewhere.

We welcome those interested in our program to visit our school and get all of your questions answered. Our application process is located on our website with easy-to-fill-out forms. Contact us today for when our next class session starts to begin your new dental assistant career!