Q: Why should I consider a career as a Dental Assistant?

Dental assisting can be very rewarding for individuals seeking job security with attractive earning potential and, in many cases, great benefits like health insurance and paid sick leave. Many dental offices also offer flexible schedules that allow for part-time work, which is especially appealing for individuals with children or other demands on their time. Dental assisting is also a great step toward other positions within the dental profession such as dental hygienist or expanded functions dental assistant.

Q: Will your course prepare me to become a Registered Dental Assistant?

Yes! Our course is designed specifically to train inexperienced, committed individuals to become very qualified candidates as entry level Dental Assistants.

Q: How long is the course?

This course is completed in 11 consecutive Sundays totaling 88 hours of lecture and hands-on laboratory in an actual dental practice.

Q: What is the earning potential of a Dental Assistant in Missouri?

Salaries typically start around $25,000 per year and can exceed $48,000 per year.

Historical Salary for dental assistants