Welcome to the VIP Dental Assistant School in St. Louis, Missouri! We offer the best dental assistant training program in the greater St. Louis area. We emphasize real-world skills with in-class room knowledge coupled with practical training in a dental office environment, where you have the opportunity to learn using dental equipment and the latest in dental technology. Our classes work around your schedule, primarily offered once a week on Sundays, enabling you to keep working as you train for a new career in dental assisting.


If you have any questions about our dental assistant training program, we welcome tours of our school and training facilities as well as phone calls and emails. Contact us today for the next start date of our dental assistant training program, and begin today on your new career in dental assisting!

  1. What Does a Dental Assistant Do?

    When you visit the dentist, you’re probably seen by a dental assistant along with the dentist. You may have an idea of what they do: assist the dentist. But a dental assistant’s job is much more than handing the dentist instruments during a routine dental cleaning. VIP Dental Assistant School in…Read More

  2. The VIP Dental Assistant School Difference

    Do you remember the first time you visited the dentist? Most of us do, mainly because we didn’t know what to expect, and it probably hurt. Holding your mouth open for a half hour or more is not a natural thing for humans to do. And sometimes dentists will insert a rubber device to help prop your m…Read More